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Recruitment Process Development

An effective recruitment process begins with understanding the needs and objectives of your business and how the person you recruit will help you deliver that objective through their duties, responsibilities and behaviours. 

The recruitment process is not about getting ‘bums on seats’, Novalign believe that the recruitment process is from the initial identification of a role right through to the development of that person throughout their career.

Often managers waste hours upon hours sifting through hundreds of CV’s, arranging interviews, interviewing tens of people for one position, only to be faced with ‘the best of a bad bunch’ at the end of it all.

Novalign work with you to develop a robust, effective and objective recruitment process that ensures a fair and ethical process for all involved, saving time and money for your organisation.

Novalign develop bespoke recruitment processes for our customers, that may include;

  • Defining the role and writing a detailed job description
  • Writing and placing targeted recruitment advertising
  • Developing an equal opportunities, time-saving CV sifting tool
  • Developing a key behavioural telephone interview tool
  • Building individual behavioural interview questions and a scoring tool
  • Developing additional technical / general candidate assessment tools
  • Developing a behavioural telephone reference tool

Take control of all your recruitment needs by implementing our 7-Step RPO system.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6


Discovery Audit

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Prescreening

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Selection

Employee Engagement

Employee Onboarding

Novalign also provide performance management and talent management tools to maximise the performance of your new and existing employees, for more details please contact us on 0845 388 1123.

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