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Do you need help with interviews?

It is often expected that Directors and Managers know how to effectively interview candidates for various roles.

This is not always the case.

Directors and Managers are relied upon to make the right decisions for the company, but how do you know what these decisions are? What are these decisions based on? What are the questions that you shouldn’t ask?

Novalign provide first class interview training to all levels of employees.

We can provide the following;

Novalign have a range of Interview Solutions that specialises in helping you optimise your employees and management potential to the full.

Are you asking any of the following questions?

Novalign's Interview Solutions bring a totally fresh approach to the interview and selection process using the latest generation of specialised tools in competency based and behavioural interviewing.

Essentially, we take the guess work out of interview and selection by providing our clients with a powerful set of tools and techniques that help prevent costly recruitment mistakes where the wrong people end up in a job they are not suited.

Novalign can help you to elicit the required evidence from the candidates, helping you make the right decisions for your business. We assist you on focusing on forming an objective opinion and ensure that the process is both fair and equal for everyone involved.

Novalign also provide executive coaching, for more information on interview training solutions or coaching please contact us on 0845 3881123.

Here are a few useful fact sheets from Novalign to make sure that you get the best out of every interviewed candidate.

Novalign Interviewing Tips and Hints

We work with you to find all the right questions that will help you uncover and select the right person for your job.

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