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People Alignment

Are you trying to develop a workforce that are more tuned in, easier to manage and who really care about your business?

Whether you are hiring new employees or restructuring your organisation, aligning your employees to the company's values is a crucial factor in driving the success of your teams and business.

Everyone knows that your employees are your most valuable asset, but are you sure that your teams are providing you the best possible return?

What Is People Alignment?

People alignment is achieved at various levels, from job definition to team structures and isn’t limited to your immediate strategy, but encompasses your overall mission and vision.

When staff and organisations have a shared purpose and direction with clearly defined expectations, customers and employees benefit from an increased satisfaction. Alignment is extremely important to us in delivering our unique HR and recruitment management solutions.

Alignment To Company Values

An organisation restructure doesn’t have to purely be a cost saving exercise where employee engagement is effected in a negative way. Novalign can help you to align your employees to your company values.

We understand your organisation’s mission and values and by using our unique behavioural analysis process, assess your employees against the values required.  This process helps identify training needs and can assist in the decision making process in a redundancy situation.

Alignment To Job Roles

Novalign work with you to restructure the roles and responsibilities required to align your employees, resulting in improved performance for your business.

We use our behavioural analysis tool to define the required behaviours for each position and objectively score and match each employee to these specific roles.  This objective process ensures that moving forward you have the right people in place to take your business forward.

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