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Organisation Restructuring

Organisation Restructuring

Novalign help with organisational change by managing staff expectations on your behalf.In the ever changing business world, companies often have to re-organise themselves to meet the demands placed upon them to maximise performance and meet their clients expectations. 

Novalign work directly with you to understand what the organisation is expected to deliver, restructure roles and responsibilities to meet these requirements and match the available resources by scoring employee abilities and behaviours against role requirements. This effectively enables you to objectively and fairly select employees for redundancies and recruit skill shortfall areas.

Internal Promotion

Novalign work with you and identify the high performers as we support you through the organisation restructuring process.

Our unique behavioural analysis tool is used to assess your current employees to identify the high performing employees enabling you to promote from within.


Making redundancies can be a difficult and uncomfortable time for everyone involved.  How do you know you are following the correct procedure?  How do you choose who should stay and who should go?  How do you ensure a fair process for all?

Novalign provide an objective and fair redundancy assessment process.

We carry out company and role specific behavioural assessments with each employee to determine who will be selected for redundancy and also to identify skill shortages and development needs.

We can also use our additional employee assessments to aid these difficult decisions.

If you need HR help, contact us on 0845 388 1123 to find out how Novalign can work with you to achieve your organisations objectives.

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