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Candidate Sourcing - Step 2

Candidate sourcing is Step 2 of the Novalign recruitment process outsourcing system.

This is where we define the job role, candidate profile and create the Job Advert and choose the best advertising route to attract the right candidate.

Job DefinitionCandidate Sourcing

As a result of the Discovery Audit (Step 1), Novalign learn a lot about your organisation and the way you like to operate.

We have a better understanding of your specific objectives and the requirements of the job role.

At the job definition stage we help you develop an accurate and defined job description for your vacancy.

Getting the job description right is a crucial step in the recruitment process. It enables us to pinpoint exactly what kind of candidate(s) you are looking for and gives us a good idea of how to attract them.

Novalign work with you to create a job description to include:

Once the job description has been agreed and signed off, we have a clear brief to fulfill and be measured against.

We can then start creating a compelling job advert to attract the right calibre of candidates.

Novalign takes all of this off your shoulders as well as being the "Firewall" between you and recruitment agencies.

Job Advert

The job advert is not just a re-vamped job description or job role that you have used in the past.

Writing a job advert takes into consideration the company’s culture and is key-word rich to ensure it is easily found on the on-line job boards.

The correctly worded advert prevents attracting the wrong candidates and acts as a first-line filter in the Novalign recruitment process.

Have a look at how to write a good Job Advert

Job Advertising

All our job adverts are posted on on-line job boards such as Monster, Reed, Total Jobs and Job Site, which combined have the largest amount of traffic on search engines such as Google.

The job advert is also redistributed to subsidiary job boards, which are channeled to local job directories and specialty boards for specific skills such as IT, which are tailored to specific job roles.

Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

For some very specific technical jobs we may be required to find candidates via recruitment agencies.

At Novalign we are aware of the hassle you can have when dealing directly with recruitment agencies. They can often trick you into paying them for a position you have filled simply because they sent you a CV (always remember to read the small print).

You haven't enough time to deal with Recruitment Agency enquiries when you post a new job on job boards so Novalign takes this problem out of your hands and deals with the agencies directly, freeing you up to get on with your day job.

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