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Candidate Prescreening - Step 3

Candidate Prescreening is Step-3 of Novalign’s 7-Step Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a complete recruitment outsourcing service where Novalign manages the whole recruitment process for you.

Inbuilt Application Form

For each role, Novalign tailors an on-line "candidate application form" where candidates answer a series of qualifying questions before submitting their CV.

The accurate weighting of each of the questions enables the applicants to be immediately graded against the predetermined "ideal candidate profile", providing Novalign with an initial overview of their fit to the role.

Applicant Information

Help I am drowning in CV's

This unique approach enables Novalign to effectively manage all candidate information, ranking them according to their fit to the job role and giving us candidate behavioural knowledge in addition to the candidate's CV.

Working with Novalign, you also have full access to our client portal and all the candidate information through your own login and password.

The information is not only available for the specific recruitment campaign, but also for future campaigns and acts as your company’s "Talent Bank".

Increasing the Candidate experience

Unfortunately, not all candidates are right for the job and it is important to let these people down in the nicest possible way.

All unsuccessful candidates receive a personalised response outlining why they were declined and giving them proven tips on how to improve their CV.

This standardised self-selection process greatly increases the candidate experience and shows that your organisation is caring and professional, adding to your employer brand and setting you apart from your competition.

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