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Candidate Assessment

Assessing candidates can be very tough. As the labour market gets more and more complex, differentiating candidates is also getting harder.

Novalign's Recruitment process outsourcing service assesses candidates objectively, helping you to determine the right person for the job.

Behavioural Analysis

The Novalign Behavioural Selection Tool is not another Myers Briggs, Belbin or similar DISC assessment that gives an overall broad-brush picture of a candidate’s personality preferences, The Novalign recruitment process looks specifically at the main behavioural characteristics for each job role, identifying the role needs and the behaviours needed to carry out that role.

Novalign's unique behavioural system uses the job description and the information resulting from the Discovery Audit (Step 1) to create individual interview questions based on the specific required behaviours for your role. These tailored questions are designed to extract key evidence from candidates to identify if they have the necessary behavioural traits to be successful in the role.

Objective Candidate Scores

For any specific job, all interviewed candidates will be asked the same questions. The candidate answers are then graded based on the content only, providing an objective score that can be used to compare them. These scores can help explain to candidates why they were not chosen and can also be very useful in providing evidence if ever accused of illegal discrimination.

Telephone Interviews

The first round of selected candidates are telephone interviewed to qualify salary expectations, notice period required and current location in relation to the job role. We also qualify that their experience matches what is stated on their CV and the inbuilt application form.

The candidates are then asked 5 specifically tailored behavioural questions, giving an initial score of their behavioural profile and fit to the job role.

Face-to-Face Behavioural Interviews

The successful candidates from the telephone interview stage are contacted and called for interviews at a location chosen by the client.

At this stage, the hiring manager may or may not choose to participate in the interviews and meet the candidates.

The candidates are asked all of the tailored behavioural questions, giving a complete overview of their behavioural profile and consequently their fit to the job role.

As a result of these Interviews, Novalign provides you with a scoring summary sheet for you to compare candidates in the following areas:

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