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Behavioural Profiling

In our experience, we find that most companies rely heavily on the candidate’s level of experience rather than examining their behaviour.

However, whilst they find that candidates are technically qualified for the role, they "don’t quite fit in with the company culture" and either under-perform or leave soon after appointment which, either way can have a lasting effect co-workers or disrupt the team.

To improve the chance of "getting it right" it is now common practice to use Behavioural Profiling to provide additional insight in to a candidate’s behaviour and improve the chance of a good company/role/candidate fit.

When you think of Behavioural Profiling, you tend to think of established tools like DISC profiling. However, there are a variety of DISC-type (Dominance, Inducement, Steadiness, and Compliance) models in use today focusing on behavioural styles and personal values.

Values are a person’s innate principles or standards by which they act and have a big effect on their behaviour but are not usually evident until you have worked with someone for a long period.

As every company and every candidate is different, Novalign have developed a set of bespoke Behavioural Profiling tools that perfectly matches your company culture, business goals and job role to each candidate’s behaviour and values.

Novalign have developed 26 behaviour traits across four categories, which provides an unlimited combination of questions to ask enabling you to find out how a candidate behaved in the past and importantly, predict how they will act in the future.

The Novalign Behaviour Profiling model focuses on the key behavioural aspects required in modern business today namely, Motivation, Interaction, Thinking and Action.

Our 7-Step Behavioural Profiling process starts with understanding your job role and your company culture, which dictates the questions we need to ask to determine the perfect candidate fit.

We cover Achievement, Mission of Service, Technical Mastery, Innovation and any other relevant areas needed to deliver the role.

The questions are asked in three or four steps of the process. Firstly, an on-line application questionnaire is completed as a candidate uploads his/her CV to register their interest in the position and to enter onto the Applicant Tracking System.

If the on-line questionnaire is a good match the candidate is followed up with a telephone questionnaire to further drill down to get a full understanding of their natural behaviour and values.

We then carry out a face to face interview, which is designed to test the answers given previously and along with reading body language confirms what values and action the candidate would take in the future.

The successful candidates would be shortlisted and have a second interview encompassing more technical/specialist tasks to confirm they have the technical mastery to carry out the role.

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